Online Training

Get up to speed with the latest CASIO Calculators.

CASIO PRIZM Online Training

See for yourself how PRIZM's revolutionary, patented technology can promote student learning and change the way we look at mathematics education. As you work through this free and self-paced set of modules, you will discover:
  • Navigation of the intuitive menu-driven interface is quick and easy
  • The "Modify" feature is a powerful discovery tool to foster deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
  • The "Picture Plot" application can help students explore mathematics in concrete settings and whether it's for advanced placement curriculum or for basic mathematics, the PRIZM™ is an easy-to-use and flexible educational tool.
All U.S. educators who complete this course will receive a free copy of our fx-CG/PRIZMTM Manager Plus software for use on your personal computer (while supplies last).